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TeleBehavioral Health

Providence St Joseph Health offers TeleBehavioral Health. Patients can access Master’s level or above behavioral health professionals from anywhere, seven days a week.

Currently, only PSJH caregivers in Washington state and their dependents have access to this service.

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Our TelePsychiatry service improves outcomes for all patients, and enhances caregiver job satisfaction.


Continuing the tradition of delivering specialized care in the most effective, integrated ways possible, TelePsychiatry from Providence St Joseph Health and our affiliates allows us to help you meet one of the most pressing challenges in the hospital today: rapidly assessing and treating those in need of psychiatric services.

Our unique telehealth service design, implementation and program management approach embeds a fully integrated psychiatric team into the services your organization offers in order to support the whole patient, and all caregivers contributing to the patient’s care.

Services Offered:

  • Acute Telepsychiatry
  • Ambulatory Telepsychiatry

Acute TelePsychiatry

More than just an episode of care enabled by technology, our Acute Telepsychiatry embeds our board-certified psychiatrists into your care teams, virtually at the bed side, within the medical surgical floors and the ED to rapidly commence treatment for this vulnerable population.

  • 24-hour access to highly trained and experienced board-certified psychiatrists
  • Each psychiatrist is interviewed, vetted and specifically assigned to each partner site to ensure optimal efficiency
  • All psychiatrists have experience with Telepsychiatry
  • Embedded, non-proprietary telehealth technology platform with support and perpetual enhancements
  • Expert service from initial evaluation through follow-up
  • Routine case review and CQI based on shared experiences of all our partners
  • Integrated support and tools for care teams including:
    • In-person and online training on evidence-based clinical guidelines and best practices
    • Evidence-based order sets
    • Training and education tools to present at seminars and community events

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Ambulatory Telepsychiatry - Ambulatory Telepsychiatry provides consistent and scheduled access to psychiatrists in primary care and outpatient clinics. Our board-certified psychiatrists conduct assessments, participate in treatment team meetings, and offer consultative services on treatment and medication management.

TeleBehavioral Health - In 2019, PSJH will offer TeleBehavioral Health. Patients will be able to access Master’s level or above behavioral health professionals from anywhere, seven days a week.


Integration of experienced telehospitalists into your team provides timely care for patients and support for onsite staff.

Telehospitalists act as part of your team to drive quality outcomes and consistency of care, flexing their level of support to your needs. The Telehospitalist program offers access to experienced hospitalists during the night shift, available to assist with hospital admissions and care of admitted patients.

Access to Telehospitalists expedites time to get patients diagnosed and treated – improving clinical and financial outcomes, caregiver satisfaction, and work/life balance for physicians.

Services Offered:

  • Nocturnal Telehospitalist support for admissions and cross-cover

Comments From Our Partners

“Hospitalists can manage a more complex case load”

“We can handle a lot more now. Previously you’d have a patient with bad lungs, horrible pneumonia, they get intubated and I’m shipping them within 24hrs. Now, we can hold onto them for 3-4 days no problem.” – Client site M.D.

“Floor nurses get the support they need”

“When you wakeup an on-call doctor in the middle of the night you may get some backlash. But the [tele]hospitalists are great…you know they are there and awake.”– Client site MSN, NP

See the results of using our Telehospitalist program in this case study.

See how the TeleHospitalist program works at one of our partner sites ›

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There is a national shortage of physicians specializing in neurology and a growing need for neurological provider expertise. With Providence St. Joseph Health’s Tele-Neurology services, your site will attain instant access to board-certified neurologists and their teams to improve clinical outcomes, reduce costs, and enhance patient & caregiver satisfaction.

Services Offered:

  • TeleStroke
  • Tele-EEG



A Global Leader in Acute Telestroke

  • More board-certified vascular neurologists than any other organization in the country

  • Comprehensive & Primary Stroke Centers, as certified by The Joint Commission

  • A national leader in stroke research, offering clinical trials opportunities

  • Decades of experience providing high-level stroke care

  • Quality of care that exceeds American Stroke Association guidelines

  • Door-to-needle times significantly less than the national average

  • More than 10,000 encounters over the past ten years

Our Telestroke Service provides instant access to board-certified, vascular neurologists and their teams, as if they were your own, improves clinical outcomes, reduces cost, and enhances patient & caregiver satisfaction.

Our unique implementation & program management approach integrates our Acute Telestroke team with your organization’s staff, including radiologists, emergency physicians, pharmacists, nurses and therapists working together to serve each patient’s care locally. The results are:

  • Rapid access to specialists
  • Fewer transfers, keep more care local
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Improved financial outcomes
  • Greater staff satisfaction

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Telestroke Case Study

Tele-EEG (electroencephalogram)

Our tele-EEG service provides hospitals access to physicians specializing in the interpretation of adult, pediatric, and neonatal EEG studies. Studies are accessed remotely via a secure network and interpretation results are communicated quickly. Tele-EEG can eliminate travel for patients and helps ensure physicians have reliable information in a timely manner so they can offer their patients the best treatment possible.