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What is the Spinal Cord Atlas Project?

December 06, 2017
Providence St. Joseph Health Neuroscience Institute has a rich history of collaborative research through our Institute for Systems Biology (ISB)...

Spine surgery method comparison

December 02, 2017
Advancement of Surgical Visualization Methods: Comparison Study Between Traditional Microscopic Surgery and a Novel Robotic Optoelectronic...

Spine novel approach

December 02, 2017
Posterior arch C-1 screw technique: a cadaveric comparison study. Moisi M, Fisahn C, Tkachenko L, Jeyamohan S, Reintjes S, Grunert P, Norvell DC,...

Cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s?

November 06, 2017
Learn the difference and find out how our Institute can help with early detection, diagnosis, treatment and support.

Can exercise reduce the risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease?

November 06, 2017
This study shows that regular exercise delays the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease among persons age 65 and older. [Online article]....

Helpful resources for caregivers of patients with dementia

November 06, 2017
A variety or resources including books, informational websites, and various care options by state. Help is Here books Northwest WA Los...

Using HBCP models to improve treatment options for Alzheimer’s Disease

November 06, 2017
This study used Hierarchical Bayesian cognitive processing (HBCP) models to analyze clinical trial data. (2016). Retrieved from The Alzheimer’s...

A Randomized Trial of Focused Ultrasound Thalamotomy for Essential Tremor

October 01, 2017
Ryder P. Gwinn, MD, neurosurgeon at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute, is an author of an article on unilateral focused ultrasound thalamotomy for...

Setting a new standard for brain tumor treatment

September 06, 2017
The Neuroscience Institute strives to provide comprehensive, value-based and personalized care for all of our patients. Our neurosurgeons, who...

Setting a new standard for Multiple Sclerosis care

September 06, 2017
Learn how our Institute is committed to setting a new standard for MS care through standardized screenings and collection of patient outcome data.
Page 1 of 2 | Results 1 - 10 of 14