Providence Mount St. Vincent, Seattle, Washington: Photograph Collection Finding Aid

Overview & Administrative Information

Overview of Records

Repository: Providence Archives, Seattle, WA

Date: 1924-1999

Abstract: Photographs document the facilities, personnel, and activities of Providence Mount St. Vincent and its staff. The collection also provides documentation of the novitiate and provincialate.

Quantity: 3 linear feet

Administrative Information

Restrictions: Providence Archives is a private repository; access to some records is at the discretion of the archivist.

Preferred Citation: [Description or number of cited item]. (140) Providence Mount St. Vincent Photograph Collection, Providence Archives, Seattle, Washington.

Accession Information: These photographs were transferred to the Archives from the hospital and from sisters who worked there over a period of years.

Processing Information: Photographs were added over the years by Archives staff. A typed inventory was created and the collection re-housed in June 2002 by Peter Schmid. The collection was processed in 2003 by Peter Schmid.


Series A: Facilities

Subseries ID Subseries Title Photograph Dates
A1 Building (1924-67) 1924; 1967; n.d.
A2 Building Plans
See also oversize.
A3 Renovation 1967

Building (1967-)
See also oversize.

1967; 1973; 1984; n.d.
A5 Interiors 1967-68; 1980; n.d.
A6 New Entrance 1979
A7 South Parking Lot Construction 1988
A8 Plat Maps 1924
A9 Adult Family Home n.d.


Series B: Personnel

Subseries ID Subseries Title Photograph Dates
B1 Administrators: James Marcellin n.d.
B2 Administrators: Mary Laureen (Rita Ferschweiler) 1977; 1979; 1981-82; n.d.
B3 Administrators: Charles Parmalee 1974-76; n.d.
B4 Administrators: John Nugent 1980-81; 1984-85; n.d.
B5 Administrators: Robert Wildenhaus 1986; n.d.
B6 Administrators: Charlene Boyd n.d.
B7 Administrative Retreat 1974
B8 Advisory Board 1977
B9 Lay Employees 1976; 1979; 1981-84;
1994; n.d.
B10 Medical Staff 1972; n.d.
B11 Residents 1969-70; 1973-77; 1979;
1982; 1985-86; 1991; 1995; n.d.
B12 Sisters
In groups, recreation.
1940; 1945; 1970; 1974; 1978;
1986; n.d.
B13 Volunteers
Includes photographs removed from scrapbook in 1999.
1974; 1976; n.d.
B14 Clergy 1979; n.d.

Novitiate (Formation)

Series C: Novitiate

Subseries ID Subseries Title Photograph Dates
C1 Novices 1944; 1949-50; 1952-53; 1955; 1960; n.d.
C2 Cannery 1949; n.d.
C3 Chapel n.d.
C4 Choir n.d.
C5 Classes (Novices) n.d.
C6 Excursions n.d.
C7 Garden n.d.
C8 Kitchen n.d.
C9 Oratory 1940; n.d.
C10 Postulants 1959-60; n.d.
C11 Classes (Postulants) n.d.
C12 Recreation n.d.


Subseries ID Subseries Title Photograph Dates
D1 Provincialate Library n.d.
D2 Secretariat n.d.


Series E: Departments

Subseries ID Subseries Title Photograph Dates

Activity Center
Includes games, hobby shop, workshops, dances, bus excursions,
annual sales and bazaars See also Therapy department series. See also slides.

1963-64; 1972-76; 1979;
1985; n.d.
E2 Beauty Shop 1975-76; 1991; n.d.
E3 Chapel 1938-39; 1953-55; 1974-75;
1977; 1993; n.d.
E4 Chapel of Our Sorrowful Mother 1949; n.d.
E5 Dietary
See also slides.
1950; 1957; 1976; n.d.
E6 Foundation 1985-86; 1993; n.d.
E7 Gift Shop
See also slides.
1973; 1976-79; 1986
E8 Emilie Shop n.d.
E9 Printing
See also slides.
1964; n.d.
E10 Intergenerational Learning Center 1991; 1993; n.d.
E11 Laundry 1974; 1976; 1980; n.d.
E12 Public Relations n.d.
E13 Resident Rooms n.d.
E14 Switchboard
See also slides.
1963; 1974; 1979; n.d.
E15 ARISE Program
See also oversize.
E16 Therapy
This series includes photographs removed from scrapbooks in 1999.
Excellent shots of physical and occupational therapy, events,
and activities for residents, including May Crowning. See also slides.
1962-69; 1972-74; 1976
E17 Volunteers
Includes photographs removed from scrapbook in 1999.
E18 Business Office
See slides.
E19 Library 1963-64; n.d.
E20 Medical Records 1981
E21 Admissions 1980
E22 Maintenance 1976-77
E23 Carpentry Shop n.d.
E24 Plant Operations 1963; 1965
E25 Zech Clinic 1984; 1986
E26 Pastoral Care 1989


Subseries ID

Subseries Title

Photograph Dates




F2 Dedication 1924
F3 Centenary of Yellow House 1928
F4 75th Anniversary of Sisters in the West 1931
F5 Our Lady of Fatima 1944
F6 Centenary of Sisters in the West 1956
F7 Cornerstone Opening 1968
F8 50th Anniversary 1974
F9 75th Anniversary 1999
F10 Barbeques 1983
F11 Activities
Employees, residents, employee picnics.
1971; 1975-76;
1978-79; 1983; n.d.
F12 American Association of Homes for the Aging n.d.
F13 Baseball Team 1992; n.d.
F14 Bazaars
See also Therapy and Activity Center series.
1970-71; 1974;
1976; 1983
F15 Benefactors 1950; n.d.
F16 Boat Trips
See also Therapy Department and Activity Center series
for images of this annual excursion.
F17 Building Program 1965
F18 Centenary of the Institute 1943
F19 Christmas
See also slides.
1972-73; 1976-79;
1985; 1991; n.d.
F20 Corpus Christi Procession 1935
F21 Cornerstone 1968
F22 Employee Picnics 1987; 1992
F23 Fire Department Staff Thank-you n.d.
F24 Founders Day/Week 1978; 1989; 1992
F25 Gardens & Grounds 1952; 1958; n.d.
F26 Irvin Aarvold
Resident and photographer.
F27 Josephine Reilly Estate
The Josephine Reilly estate was willed to the Mount by the resident
but contested by members of her family. The Mount prevailed,
winning the case in the Washington State Supreme Court in 1967.
These photographs were apparently submitted as evidence to show care
given to residents. They afford an excellent view of nursing, activities,
and personnel at the Mount, and most of these photographs do not appear
under any other series.
F28 National Night Out Crime Prevention 1997
F29 Nicky (Dog) 1982; n.d.
F30 Overseas Program n.d.
F31 Pieta n.d.
F32 Retreat for the Blind n.d.
F33 Statues
See also slides.
F34 Van 1983; 1991; n.d.
F35 Exhibits
See also slides.
1964; 1989; n.d.
F36 Visiting Dignitaries
See also slides.
1975; n.d.
F37 "Sunny Day" Outdoor Time
See slides. See also Therapy department for images of "sunny day,"
when residents were taken outside to relax and play games.
1964; n.d.
F38 Nursing Home Week
See slides. See also Activity Center series for images of events.
F39 May Crowning
See slides and scrapbook images.
F40 Bookmobile 1974; 1978
F41 Artwork 1975; 1991
F42 Bake Sale 1986
F43 Plant Sale 1986
F44 Documents 1923; n.d.

Photography by Dudley, Hardin & Yang
Proof sheets of photographs taken c. 1962. Some of these images
are already in the collection in the form of finished prints.

F46 Retreats
Eighth-grade girls from Holy Family School (Seattle) on a retreat.
F47 Radio 1962
F48 Tea Parties n.d.
F49 Photographs for "The Good Work"
Includes building exterior, woman gardening, group of residents relaxing.
120-format transparencies. Accession 2009-012.
F50 Block Party n.d.





Soviet Choir



Series G: Scrapbooks

Subseries ID Subseries Title Photograph Dates
G1 Snapshots
Photographs removed from scrapbook in 1999.
G2 The De Paul and Mount Saint Vincent
Photographs removed from scrapbook in 1999.
G3 Scrapbook
Activities, etc. shot by Irvin Aarvold. Photographs removed from scrapbook in 1999.