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Meet the Doctors Fighting to Grant Patients the Right to Die

September 17, 2015
From Time Magazine By Josh Sanburn Daniel Swangard never thought he would live a long life. It was a premonition he and his sister both had, like...

Dying Well

September 14, 2015
At the end of your life, you'll probably want to be comfortable and at peace. So how do we make this happen? Dr. Ira Byock, author of "Dying Well"...

Doctor Recommends Focusing On Life Before Death

September 03, 2015
From The Joy Cardin Show. Death is not a subject that most people want to think or talk about, which Dr. Ira Byock thinks is unfortunate. Not only...

5 Questions for Ira Byock

April 10, 2015
A dialogue on end-of-life care. From Spirituality & Health Magazine.

Dying Shouldn’t Be So Brutal

January 31, 2015
From The New York Times By Ira Byock, M.D. “Travel safe!” It has become a nearly reflexive wish I give to friends who are coming or ...

We should think twice about 'death with dignity'

January 30, 2015
From The Los Angeles Times By Ira Byock, M.D. Physician-assisted suicide is back on California's political agenda. Indeed, anyone who read the...

5 Action Steps to Improve End-of-Life Care in Your Community

January 25, 2015
From Huffpost Healthy Living By Karen M. Wyatt, M.D. In a recent interview, Dr. Ira Byock, palliative care physician and author of Dying Well,...
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