About Global Partnerships

Global Partnerships provides opportunities to learn, serve and contribute internationally—leveraging the resources and talents of our health care organization to improve and promote global health. Regardless of national boundaries, compassionate service to those who are poor and vulnerable has been a part of the Providence Mission since the Sisters of Providence began their work in Montreal nearly 170 years ago.

Learn more about the Providence Health International Medical Supply Recovery Program.

Medical Supply Recovery Program

Addressing both the waste of medical supplies in the U.S. and the need in economically developing countries, Providence manages a medical supply warehouse in Lacey, Washington. Medical supplies and equipment are recovered and shipped to economically developing countries to help people get the health care services they desperately need. Learn more »

Learn more about the Providence Health International Guatemala Partnership.

The Guatemala Partnership

We are serving the Guatemalan people through public health service trips, surgical relief, educational exchanges and cross-cultural learning. Together with our not-for-profit partners in Guatemala, we are working for a more sustained and impactful approach to global health. Learn more »

Learn more about the Esperanza PartnershipThe Mexico Partnership

Partnering for safe and dignified housing in Mexico: Providence St. Joseph Health believes that a combination of cost-effective affordable housing and support services will help people live more productive lives. Typically, once a person finds safe, affordable housing they become more socially involved in their community, and families are better able to meet their health, education, and employment needs. Learn More »

Learn more about Providence Health International volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities

Learn more about who can volunteer and how to get involved in one of the many Global Partnerships volunteer opportunities. Learn more »